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LDHEC 2022 | Latinx Digital Health Equity Conference

About the Conference

SaludConTech is an inclusive ecosystem-building familia that provides an entrepreneurial infrastructure for Latino/as and other founders of color. We seek to build a diverse subset of digital health visionaries by partnering with key stakeholders and social capital networks to facilitate connections and provide the opportunities and community needed to succeed.


We believe the keys to new value and growth do not reside within one’s current boundaries but beyond them. Nuestra comunidad (community of partners), working synchronously to close diversity gaps, offer mentorship (advisory) and sponsorship (advocacy) so that underrepresented founders and investors with firsthand community knowledge can lead, shape, and fund a more equitable future.


SaludConTech is a membership organization that seeks to lead efforts that improve the health and wellness of Latine and other underserved groups by leveraging technology to create innovative solutions.


The SaludConTech Symposium will bring together thought leaders from across the healthcare spectrum, embracing the intersection of health equity and digital health to explore the role of technology in addressing health disparities in minority communities.


Our events provide an opportunity to network with forward-thinking startup founders, promotores, employers, investors, elected officials, public health leaders, payors, policymakers, and patients to advance social justice and digital health equity in Latino/a communities.

We aim to elevate the voice of healthcare startups and community-based organizations working in Latinx communities to develop a better-shared definition of digital health equity. To improve our understanding of successes, challenges, lessons learned, needs, and growth opportunities, we will be supporting emerging leaders who will guide discussions on how technology can help design our new normal by fostering connections among organizations and strengthening relationships with surrounding communities.

We are excited to build this movement together and look forward to having you join us.

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