Reviewing proposals




Reviewing proposals

Thank you for your willingness to be a proposal submission reviewer for the 2018 WAESOL Conference. This is a blind review process entirely online using this rubric. For the reviews you will be using our new proposal submission system called Sessionize.

In Sessionize, you will see a section where you can choose specific target audiences to review. (See screen shot below.) Please proceed to up to 3 target audience catagories of your choice and then review 20 sessions before stopping. We estimate this will take you about 2 hours or less.


The deadline for reviewing is September 12 by 10 p.m.

Based on the scores of your reviews, the conference chairs (Nasrin and Michelle) and Joan will make the final decision. We received 54 submissions. It is likely that only no more than 4-5 submissions will be excluded from the final list.

If your own proposal has been submitted, please don’t review it, but click the “Ignore” button and leave the reviewing of it to others.

You have already been invited to the Sessionize system for the reviewing. Click on the Sessionize link below and log-in using your waesol email account (Google) to begin your reviewing.


When you go this link above, you will see various components of each session. The screen shot below explains those in further detail. (Click on image for full size.) Note that you will see ficticioius names for sessions.

Regarding comments you may make on the evaluation form of a session, neither the speaker nor the public can see these comments.

On the evaluation page in Sessionize, you will see at the top the following instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact Nasrin.

Out of these sessions, what would be your first, second, third… choice? Submit your decision when done and you’ll get another set of sessions to compare. It’s that simple – works even if you’re not 100% consistent. For a must-have session, use the Top option. It will surface on the top without any further comparison. If there is a session outside your expertise, mark it as Ignore, and you’ll never see it again.

Finally, please be aware that sessions may come up more than once to be ranked. Do not be alarmed if you see a session more than once.

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