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    I'm inspired and hopeful that many of us want our communities to be healthier, and will do what we can to bring us closer to that reality. This is why I attend events such as these, so I can enter spaces and make possible dialogues with such trailblazers, so I can share what I have learned as a healthcare social scientist.

    Cristina Santana Public Health Student

    To get the message across, Casillas has spoken with community groups and health care workers, at conferences such as SaludConTech to advocate for more user-friendly solutions and relevant digital health applications.

    UCLA Health Assistant Professor of Medicine at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

    As a startup, it was good too hear what potential clients may need in order to integrate services/products. Ex. data, research, approaching at a time they are able to make purchasing decisions

    Monika Lopez Entrepreneur

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