Call For Speakers – SDHEC 2022

Call for Speakers / Poster Presentations & Event Format

Call For Speakers

SaludConTech’s Digital Health Equity Conference Call for Speakers

Calling all entrepreneurs, investors, changemakers, policy experts, community health innovators, and government leaders passionate about using digital health and health equity. SaludConTech’s Digital Health Equity Conference connects minorities disrupting medicine spanning the entire digital health ecosystem. 

Our event will be in-person and virtual! – We will connect in-person and virtual audiences to create a unique experience, reflecting the innovation that comes through our members’ work. In-person registration will include the full virtual experience, and virtual-only attendees will be able to join live in-person sessions and interact with the audience. 

Our event aims to inspire us to lead the conversation where we collectively are building a health care system that is accessible, where both clinicians and consumers can work together in true partnership towards healthier lives, digitally enabled. We invite speakers to submit their digital health initiatives, case studies, innovations, life experiences, and research that drive us closer to our vision for the future.

Submit your proposals for our December event and share your expertise and insight into the future of digital health equity in our communities. Our voices matter more than ever.

Speakers are encouraged to submit their proposals following the format below. 


    • Submissions Open: October 1, 2022 10:00 AM PT
    • Submission Deadline: November 24th, 2022 5:00 PM PT
    • Submission Decisions: November 28th, 2022 5:00 PM PT
Conference Theme

SaludConTech Digital Health Equity Conference Theme

We want to hear about the digital health-related challenges you face and what has and hasn’t worked for you. We welcome submissions from all members of the healthcare team, including patients and community members. We are looking for both evidence and experience-based projects that impact the quality, safety, and experience of health care in our communities.

Have more than one idea? Feel free to submit multiple proposals. If you have any feedback or questions, email us at events@saludcontech.com.


We strongly encourage submissions that underscore the conference’s theme, building a digital health ecosystem for communities of color. Submissions should highlight the impact of cross-sector collaborations and how leveraging technology can transform health and healthcare to benefit our communities. You must indicate what sector of the digital health ecosystem you fall under. As you develop your talk, remember that digital health equity concerns are fundamental to successful presentations.

Conference Formats

Format: Panelist

  • Panels will consist of four speakers and one moderator. We prefer to keep these conversational with no slides.
  • Panels take questions from the moderator and live audience questions via our digital event app.
  • SDHEC builds panels internally to ensure a diverse range of perspectives – if you are picky about who you’ll share the stage with, please consider another format. We will not restrict competitors from joining the same session.


Who’s On Our Radar?

  • Digital health innovators and thought leaders can speak to how their lived experience has provided them with a unique perspective and undervalued skill set.
  • Visionaries who are not timid in sharing their views and can constructively comment on both moderator questions and fellow panelists’ remarks.
  • We want to be quantitative with these discussions and get to the evidence to support your points quickly rather than broadly speaking about ideal scenarios. Let’s leave theoretical “what ifs” behind and get to how you solve these complex problems.
  • Speakers that can provide evidence-based answers and are willing to address the difficult questions that many avoid.



Format: Presentation (Solo or Partner)

Format: Presentation (Solo or Partner)

  • These presentations will range between 10 minutes long, focusing on transforming a particular health segment.
  • We will cover many topics across our presentations, so please be specific; health innovation will not suffice.
  • Inviting a co-presenter is encouraged, especially if it involves a strategic partnership that supports your mission.


Who’s On Our Radar?

  • Big thinkers with new ideas on how to fundamentally change our health system to improve communities of color.
    • Dale con ganas! We want to move and motivate the audience to become allies on your mission. We want applause to erupt as you exit the stage!
    • Who we look for:
    • Focus your submissions on one area within the health system that you are actively working to change, not a broad vision across the industry.
    • Please be specific on why you’ve started this mission, how far along you are, and what you plan to do to keep it going.
Format: Case Study / Poster Presentation

Format: Case Study / Poster Presentation

  • These sessions will be 20-minute presentations focused on a particular project or initiative with conclusive results to review with our audience.
  • These are not broad ideas or missions that have not started yet. We are looking for details on what worked, what didn’t, and what’s coming next.


Who’s On Our Radar?

  • Health innovators and students who did the work now have the results to show for it. We appreciate your candidness and the ability to admit where a project went wrong so our audience can learn from your work.
  • Innovators who are looking to gain industry support to continue their essential work. We’d love to be the platform to help you keep your project going.
  • We do not expect any run of the mill case studies/ poster presentation. We are looking for speakers who can engage the audience.
  • Tell us why you are you the ideal person to tackle this problem
  • Inviting a partner is encouraged! El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.


Format: Moderator

Format: Moderator

  • Moderators play a vital role in the success of the session. They are the captains of the ship.
  • Panels will consist of 3-4 speakers and one moderator.
  • We prefer to keep these sessions conversational, with no need for slides.
  • Panelists take questions from the moderator as well as live audience questions.


Who’s On Our Radar?

  • Moderators typically are not founders or VCs but a neutral party with subject matter expertise on the topic being discussed.
  • Good moderators are passionate in their questioning. They are respectful and considerate but are not afraid to ask tough questions that lead to heartfelt answers.
  • Great moderators often engage the audience throughout the discussion and can keep the energy in the room high.
  • Moderators must be available for one pre-event prep call with the speakers. Our content team will join the call to help, but the moderator is relatively independent and will take the lead in collaboratively mapping out the session’s focus.