Amazon Web Services announces second year of startup investments for Latino founders

Despite Latinos comprising a significant proportion of the population, the same cannot be said for the entrepreneurial market, with Latinos receiving a disproportionately small share of investment funds.

As a part of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) three-year commitment to provide $30 million to startups founded by diverse leaders from underrepresented communities, they have taken on their second cohort of leaders to receive $125,000 in cash support.

Originally launched in 2022, the program seeks to provide these startups with up to $225,000 total in cash and AWS credits. This year, 20 Latino led startups have been chosen out of the 1,100+ applicants.

Beginning this week, the AWS Impact Accelerator will run for 8 weeks, ending with an investor pitching day for founders to seek further investment.

In this 8-week program, each startup will be paired with mentors and technical experts who will advise and aid them for the duration.

Additional support will come in the form of a curated training curriculum, networking events with potential investors, and connections with AWS teams and leaders, and other fellow participants.

“This cohort of the AWS Impact Accelerator aims to highlight the viability and ingenuity of Latino-led startups, so the VC community can increase support to these founders,” said Vice President and Global Head of Startups at AWS Howard Wright, in a statement.

“We’re looking forward to playing an active role in helping these companies turbocharge their growth through access to capital, experts, and all of the innovations that the AWS tech stack has to offer,” he continued.

For this cohort, applicants headquartered in the U.S. were selected alongside those operating in Latin America, in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

One such startup located in the U.S. is Leantime, an open-source project management system focused around agile best practices and design thinking.

That prioritizes modability to account for differences between user operating styles, ranging from engineering teams and creative teams, to useability by non-project managers, to accommodating for ADHD and dyslexic users.

The full list of startups in the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders cohort are:

Alvva, a California based bilingual immigration platform that seeks to ease the burdens of filing immigration forms and getting financing for government fees.

Cogniflow, a Colombia based no-code AI platform that allows users to integrate pre-built AI models into their daily tasks, or use GPT-4 to resolve other problems.

Deskfy, a Brazil based marketing portal that streamlines marketing operations for brands and the distribution of promotional assets to stores and branches.

DivySci Software, a New York based communication platform that helps adults from multicultural backgrounds learn and develop digital communication skills.

Ease, a Texas based fintech platform for healthcare professionals in starting, growing, and managing their private practices.

EducUp, a Florida based AI-powered educational platform that allows educators to create engaging and gamified content for worldwide learners.

Fielder, a Mexico based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) aids technicians by digitizing, automating, and managing specialized technical services, such as asset and inventory management.

GamerSafer, a California based tech company that provides security solutions to gaming platforms to protect players from abuse, fraud, and other crimes.

Kigüi, a Mexico based money saving grocery app that helps users find and buy food that is discounted and close to its expiration date.

Kuentro, a Venezuelan based hiring platform that targets working/middle class job seekers, providing job listings from small/medium sized companies.

Lazo Fintech Inc., a Florida based financial service provider that helps Series A startups with legal, fiscal. and investor relation services.

Monadd, a Florida based fintech and consumer tech company that automates and simplifies home bill management.

Outtrip, an Argentina based tourism adventure software for travel in Latin America, allowing small/medium tour operators streamline their operations.

Panda Salud, a Mexico based platform that connects healthcare small businesses with other industry businesses, like online pharmacies, diagnostic test providers, and medical equipment vendors.

PilotoMail, a Puerto Rico based virtual mailbox platform that provides automated mail management for remote workers and co-working operators.

Sign-Speak, a New York based tech company centered on automated American Sign Language, transcribing, recognizing, and producing it to aid Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals as they communicate in-person and online.

STIGMA, an Illinois based mental health mobile app that allows for anonymous one-on-one conversations with people sharing similar experiences, through text, audio, and video messages.

Tienditapp, a Mexico based freight app that connects small “mom-and-pop” stores with manufacturers.

TuCuota, an Argentina based financial service provider that streamlines recurring payment collections by letting multiple payment providers act through a single API.

More information about this year’s cohort can be found on the AWS website.

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