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Valentina Moretti and Mary Sol González

Boca Raton, FL – The Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative, a 501(3) was created with the Mission to empower the South Florida Hispanic Entrepreneur community through Educational Programs, to increase their odds of sustainable business success in the U.S., and to optimize the quality and length of their learning cycle as business owners. In other words, we provide the tools for the development of capabilities for the Hispanic entrepreneurs and opportunities to access the Hispanic market to other corporations. We will have programs in English and Spanish.

We strive to build a bridge between the Entrepreneurs and Corporations seeking to enter the U.S. and Hispanic Markets.

We understand the need to support Hispanic Owned Businesses as they represent the largest minority in the US at 18. % and expected to grow to 28.6 % by 2020. These businesses contribute to $700 BN to the US economy yearly, however they also fail at a higher rate than Non Latino Owned Businesses.

The Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative was Co Founded by Mary Sol González and Valentina Moretti. They have an extensive business and Non Profit background, and a global perspective. They founded the International Business Alliance, a program from the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, 5 years ago. This program has been very successful, hosting monthly round tables to discuss the global economy with local and international entrepreneurs and counting with a variety of speakers and topics.

Mary Sol González was also part of the Board of Networking Hispanos for 7 years and is an Advisor for several Hispanic Non Profit Organizations as well as on the leadership of US organizations such as YMCA and Junior League. Her business received the 2015 Blue Ribbon Award from the US Chamber of Commerce.

Valentina Moretti is a Venezuelan lawyer that has an extensive experience as an entrepreneur and has been part of the Boca Ratón business community for over a decade.

Valentina  and Mary Sol are joined by Yulimar Trumbo, as the Educational Programs Founder. Yulimar is an engineer that trains corporations internationally on Systemic Leadership. Her unique approach on education and creation of the Roadmap to Success  , paired with her hands on approach during the facilitation sessions, make her an invaluable asset for the entrepreneurs.

We are proud to have a Board of Directors from Fortune 500 companies and with a vast experience on Non Profit work.

We have programs that range from 12 weeks Systemic Leadership  and 3 day Immersion Programs, to Workshops and Lunch and Learn sessions and English for Entrepreneurs programs.

HEI will be based in Boca Ratón Florida, however, our programs will be held through South Florida.

The first Breakfast and Learn Program “Descubra el verdadero capital de la emprendedora hispana” was held on December 27th at the Office Depot Headquarters with the Sponsorships of Office Depot, New York Life and La Boulangerie.

We will be announcing our 2020 programs. The next workshop will be on January 23rd at the Boca Ratón Chamber of Commerce. Sarah Pearson, Executive Vice President of the Chamber will speak on Strategies to build lasting relationships and be a super connector. It will take place from 9:00 to 9:30 am.

The Hispanic Entrepreneur Initiative will host programs throughout South Florida.

“We are very excited to work with the Hispanic entrepreneurs  helping create sustainable businesses and business owners that believe in true economic and community impact, but also to serve as a meeting opportunity between the Hispanic and American markets and an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion”.

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