Latina founder Rossy Sánchez finds success with Anabella Shoes

The name of the brand also has very personal meaning since it bears the same name as her daughter Anabella. “I consider it a very beautiful name not only because it evokes everything that has to do with my daughter but also contains within itself the word ‘Bella’-and as a designer I think that absolutely all women are beautiful. In addition, the name contains the letter A, that represents the stylish and elegant woman, and B, that represents the voluptuous woman. My brand is an inclusive brand from every point of view,” Rossy Sánchez says.

The brand takes inclusivity very seriously, not just in terms of different women’s ethnic and geographic origins, but also inclusivity in terms of age. “One of the things that opened my eyes in this sense was when I began to design for brides, I understood that both the mother of the bride and her court also needed to fit perfectly with the concept of my brand, so we have a very broad collection and universe from which everyone can choose.”

When asked about the bestsellers of her brand, without hesitation she replied the “Actitud” collection of platforms, since it safely and comfortably adds height, very important factors when it comes to feeling confident in any circumstance or event.

“Actitud” platforms

The “Mustique” line is another favorite collection within the brand. Anabella’s take on the mule is completely woven with fine bands of 100% natural leather, soft, comfortable and elegant, that can be worn beautifully with wide jeans, summer skirts, jumpsuits or dresses. The new shades for this season are turquoise, die-cut cherry red, bronze and gold.

“Mustique” mules©Anabella
“Mustique” mules

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