This Latina Founder Trains The Top Coaches In How To Make Millions

In a society where some still believe that coaches don’t make money or have success, Juliana Garcia makes her mark and proves that isn’t true. Born and raised in Colombia, Juliana believed that making money required hard work because her mother instilled that in her since she was a child.

After initially expressing interest in coaching, however, someone once told her that coaches don’t make money and don’t have success, so she put it off for a while, eventually moving to America to chase the American Dream. Unfortunately, she ended up with $30,000 worth of debt before she finally decided to start a business to help others magnetize and monetize their message to attract high ticket clients.

Juliana knew that being a coach requires a special gift, and that most coaches are great at what they do, but need to have the right words to say to get clients and help them. So, while working with personal development brands and implementing complex funnels into her business, she came up with the idea of sharing her message and communicating with others in the most authentic way possible. It has since helped her naturally gain organic clients who choose to come to her for coaching guidance.

While providing coaching guidance, Juliana developed a signature trademarked system, The Magnetize and Monetize Method, to help coaches clarify their message and attract premium clients in three key steps:

1. Unlock Your Unique Brilliance

Juliana believes the first step is discovering what makes a coach different from the rest and getting people to want to work with them. Each person has unique characteristics that can get them to where they want to be.

“Instead of looking at what everyone else is doing, look at where the gap is between you and every other coach, and create a new category for yourself. First, understand who the empowered version of your past elevated client is and focus on their traits; character traits, the problem they sought you out to solve, and if they are in the right point in their journey that you can can assist them. Second, tailor your signature method, exclusively to that type of person. And finally, bring your unique, authentic personality to your messaging by explaining the problem and the solution in a way that makes you undeniably relevant to them.” 

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2. Create Magnetic Content

Once coaches know what makes them different, they can use magnetic content that shows vulnerability and contains truthful and relatable information that connects them with their audience.

“There are three types of content that create a magnetic effect on your audience. The first type of content is exposing your truth by sharing personal stories about what you’ve learned. Your journey should leave them with the lessons you’ve acquired so they can implement them too. Putting your stake in the ground and sharing what you do and what you don’t believe in, will attract your ideal community. The second type is educating your community. You do this by breaking down their problem, normalizing it, and offering up new solutions that will leave them with the takeaways that keep them engaged and following you for more. And the third type is to entertain them! People follow others who are entertaining, fun, and human. Think of yourself as the star of a reality show and you are inviting them into your life, you don’t have to expose everything, but you should give them a glimpse of you as a human. It’s how people will feel connection with you.”

3. Monetize Your Influence

The third step of the system involves building an audience and using a process to pre-qualify and pre-motivate the right clients to move them through the buying journey.

“Make sure you are distributing your content in the right places, aka: where they hang out online. Once people start raising their hand to learn more about how to work with you, it’s important to hold their hand through the buying journey. Give them a sense of safety in working with you by providing testimonials, sharing your process and some past client results. This makes it easier for them to say yes. Sales can actually be a really beautiful process, and can be an intimate moment between you and a new client because they are sharing their hopes and dreams with you. So creating a safe space for them to be vulnerable allows them to relax and trust you.”

Garcia’s on a mission to redefine the industry while proving that making money as a coach isn’t hard, but it does involve using the right words and clarifying your message to attract high ticket clients.

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