The jean jacket startup aimed at Latina millennials

My Economy tells the story of the new economic normal through the eyes of people trying to make it, because we know the only numbers that really matter are the ones in your economy.

In this installment, we hear from an entrepreneur in Los Angeles who founded a company appliqueing denim jackets.

I’m Patty Delgado, and I’m the founder and owner at Hija de tu Madre. So before I started Hija de tu Madre, I had a freelance design and web design business. So I made a jacket for myself that had a sequin applique la Virgen de Guadelupe. I just put it together on my old Levi’s jacket, and I just knew the second that I made that jacket and I just knew that it would be something that would connect really well with other Latina millennials. 

I started this business with $500, which is nothing, I think. And that was just enough to buy 30 jackets, to buy the appliques, to buy the supplies and a one-month’s subscription to a Squarespace website. And that was it. You know, I was, like, working from my parents’ living room. Literally, my whole business has been started from my parents’ couch, and it’s been a wild, wild, start. I think the first listicle I was in was for this platform called Remezcla, Latino-millennial-oriented platform. And it was like, whoa, this is reaching a bigger audience at such a short period amount of time, like. I’ve only been in business for, like, 30 days. And I think that’s kind of when I realized, um, maybe people do like this stuff and maybe this would be something that I should pursue further and kind of say buh-bye to all of my design clients. 

I want Hija de tu Madre to be equal parts e-commerce, cultural empowerment, but also a place for women, particularly Latinas, to find resources to grow their own business. I think every night before I go to bed, I just, like, am so excited to start the day. I just know that there’s always something to look forward to with this business.

How’s your personal economy doing? Do you have a story to share? Let us know! This series only works with help from people like you. 

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