Chris Bossio, the Latino Entrepreneur who started his business by making video tutorials on YouTube

Chris Bossio is the founder of seven different barber shops in Tampa Bay, FL, and has grown his brand to new heights making YouTube videos.

After attending barber school, Bossio opened a barbershop called Headlines in Tampa.

Barbershops are usually a community space that locals come into, not only to get a quick trim but talk with one another and hear about what’s happening in their community.

He began submerging himself with information about the hair industry and how to obtain a successful business.

Soon enough, he created a modest career that turned into a global empire.

But it wasn’t always easy for him. 

In 2011, both of his parents lost their jobs during the Great Recession that began in 2008. On top of that, he found out his girlfriend was expecting their first child. 

Both occasions inspired him to create something beyond his wildest dreams.

“I was working at a restaurant and all i wanted was to focus on basketball, but I had to focus on how to survive,” he said in a recent YouTube interview. “So I had to have a plan B.”

That was when he enrolled himself in barber school, and before long, Bossio began making YouTube videos with the help of his brother-in-law.

“I took my wife’s camera, and just started to film,” said Bossio. “Originally, I wasn’t really into the idea of making videos, but I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to pay my bills.”

In a matter of days, his first video took off with thousands of views.

“YouTube took us from a local barbershop to a global brand in a matter of years,” he said.

Headlines went from five clients a week to 800 in under three years.

“I honestly thought i made a huge mistake by opening my barbershop,” said Bossio.

As his YouTube channel continued to prosper, many of his subscribers suggested that he make his own shaving and hair care line, which is something that would make him a local leader in his community.

His product line, Tomb45 was born by the success of his popular YouTube channel, which gave others a chance to use shaving kits, razors, and sprays that Bassio uses on his clients.

With over 350,000 subscribers, Tomb45 sold over 70% of its inventory the first day and now it sells 10,000 products a month in 15 countries.

“I realized that there was a huge group that was as passionate about barbering like I was,” he said.

Not only did Bossio create an intricate business that developed into a national brand, he was able to hire over 100 employees, including five full-time employees at Tomb45 and around 70 barbers.

Some of his loyal employees who worked at his barber shops recently went on to open their own businesses.

With the help of his skills and experience, aspiring Latino entrepreneurs can achieve their own dream of becoming successful leaders.

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