Ready For The 1st Annual SaludConTech Health Equity Hackathon?

La SaludConTech Familia

We are honored to invite you to the 1st Annual SaludConTech Symposium "Health Innovation In The Latinx Population" 

Hosted by: SaludConTech, Manos Accelerator, and Google Developers at Google HQ.   DATE: TBA

The aim of SaludConTech is to create a network of thought leaders to spur new ideas and connections among the many of us, both clinicians and non-clinicians, whose work involves the intersection of (1) health technology & co-design (2) health equity, health disparities, and public health as it relates to (3) Latinx / Minority Health. We hope to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues with the hope of catalyzing ideas that will lead to improved care for the underserved. 

We hope to increase awareness and appreciation for these issues and, although we may live scattered across diverse regions, we hope this group can counter the fragmentation that many of us face.  Our common focus is that we are all working, in one way or another, to understand and improve our healthcare system and believe that by leveraging accessible technology we can create innovative solutions to improve the health of Latinxs and other underrepresented minority populations regardless of geographic obstacles and borders.

Un abrazo,